linuxThe debate has raged for decades over which one is better: Linux or Windows. Users across the globe have expressed their opinions and taken sides. What has added greater value to the debate is the fact that both these operating systems have amassed huge popularity and both are packed with eye-popping features. The battle has not been one-sided. Now that you have decided to take your pick between Linux and Windows, this article will highlight some points that you need to know. We will start with the basic difference between Linux and Windows.

Linux is open office software. That means Linux is not owned by anyone or any company and the operating system is not licensed. To use Linux, all you need to do is download it from a credible source on the internet and then install it in your computer. You don’t have to buy any software. There is a Linux equivalent of every task that you perform on Windows. You will get documents, spreadsheets, video players and other programs that you are familiar with on Windows, except that all these software will be free. Using Linux is convenient for those who are not comfortably buying their software from companies.

Windows, on the other hand, is a licensed product owned by Microsoft. To use Windows and its various versions like XP or Windows 7 and 8, you need to shell out money. There are different kinds of the same Windows operating system like Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home. You can buy any of them according to your need. The license period is fixed and expires beyond that point. In other words, if your Windows OS license is till 2013, you cannot use this software in 2014. You have to buy the update or get an entirely new version. Also, the accompanying software on Windows, like Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, also come as licensed products bought with a fee. Nothing is free on Windows except for software that comes with the deal, like Internet Explorer.

As evident, Linux is your free OS that you can continue using till eternity without bothering to cough up any dough. That does not mean that Windows is playing a losing battle! After all, if money was the only factor pulling Windows back, it would not be a raging success across decades and countries and time eras. The greatest USP of Windows is that it is easy to use. The OS is built with self-explanatory signs and milestones. Novices and new computer users find Windows extremely helpful in their understanding of computers. Linux is for tech savvy people who know their way about computers. Programmers and developers use Linux while students and corporate executives use Windows. There are some files and folders of Linux which do not have a Windows equivalent. So, if you are planning to use Linux, be ready for some awkward moments because Windows is more universally used.

What your pick is, Linux or Windows, depends on how good you are at computers!

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