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We have seen iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C but now you will be wondering what about iPhone 6? We will try to give some ideas about it by analysing all the rumors surrounding it. Apple is such a technology giant that its upcoming gadgets are the most speculated one. So let’s take a look on the brand new features which has the maximum possibility to feature in the iPhone6 or what all features we are expecting from it.

NFC: IN the race of smartphones Apple was left behind by many others with the NFC feature. Now it is for sure that Apple will make its grand entry with smart NFC feature in its upcoming version of iPhone.NFC which stands for Near Field Communication is a brand first hand technology which helps to share data like web addresses, contacts, music files etc. This technology is able to transfer data when your mobile with NFC feature present in it is near to other NFC devices such as NFC tags smartphones and payment devices. NFC can be activated only when two NFC devices are brought together. The maximum distance for the NFC feature to work is about one centimeter.

iphone 6iOS8: It is quite obvious for Apple to introduce a new operating system for its next iPhone version and it is likely to be iOS 8 with fresh features. iOS 8 will feature more smart applications and it will be a treat to the loyal iPhone lovers.

Massive storage: we have already come across with 128 GB iPad so we can always expect that this time we will see a whopping 128 GB storage in iPhone 6 also. It will the ultimate smartphone if we are going to avail this feature in a phone.

Smart Bezel: The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 is likely to have a smart bezel. The phone will not feature any buttons for volume control and lock screen all the buttons will be touch sensitive and the rim of the phone is going to have a display. Probably there will be no home button it will be also touch sensitive. There is also some rumours regarding the iPhone 6 having a gesture control feature.

So these were some of the speculated features by the iPhone lovers. Some these feature are quite sure to be present in the forthcoming Apple’s smartest creation iPhone 6. All of these features are deducted after analysing reports and rumors from trusted sources.

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