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A study conducted in 2011 shows that 90 percent of the tablets sold in United States are Wi-Fi enabled. Most of the tablets sold even do not have the option of using data plan. Wi-Fi network is present everywhere these days and it is no more difficult to get online relying on the wireless connectivity. Therefore, the craze for Wi-Fi enabled tablets is rising. Another strong reason for record sale of Wi-Fi only tablets is the related costs. Are you still ready to pay the hefty bills to purchase the wireless data plans? This is a crucial question. When every tablet available in market comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi capability, it can be a replacement of your costly data plan.

If you are one among the countless tech freaks and considering the ways to get online from your tablet at the right cost, try to access the internet via Wi-Fi.  The numbers of public hotspots have increased manifold. From these public hotspots you can get online when you are out. However, the question remains how you will access the internet when you are at home or in an area without public hotspot. You no longer have to keep the finger crossed and pray for a public hot spot. Here are few alternatives that enable you to get online from your tablet while on the go or at home.

Nokia 2520 tabletTransforming the Smartphone into online hotspot

You must already possess a Smartphone with data plan. With it there is no need for further investment. Your phone’s plan is sufficient to avail internet on both devices. There are two ways to transform the Smartphone into a portable internet hotspot using its existing data plan, a process called tethering.

Some phones have built-in tethering capacity, but the cellular carriers impose a fee for using the feature of your phone. You may otherwise download third party applications that will enable you to tether. Your carrier can even charge if they find out that you are using third party tethering application. The major carriers want more customers to sign up the data plan and therefore they discourage any form of tethering.

Are there any options other than tethering?

Dedicated mobile hot spots are better alternative as it offers the customers easier connectivity, better battery life and support for several devices. Moreover, the hotspot connections are more reliable and faster than accessing internet through tethered connections. If you have the mobile hotspot, your phone will turn into on the go Wi-Fi router with which you can use to connect other devices.

Another way can be installing router that will transform your existing home broadband connection to Wi-Fi. You may connect several devices using the same broadband connection when changed to Wi-Fi.

Which one is better for your tablet-data plan or Wi-Fi?

With so much hype around Wi-Fi, a dedicated online customer has the dilemma whether a 3G or 4G access is better than the Wi-Fi connectivity? When the renowned tablet manufacturers rolled out carrier connected versions at premium prices only for the reason that the consumers can access ubiquitous internet access wherever cell phone signal is available. One the reverse the Wi-Fi only tablet owners can connect to the internet only from a Wi-Fi zone.

Apparently uninterrupted access must be preferred over limited access. But the records show that most of the consumers have purchased Wi-Fi only version of the tablet. On the more those who have purchased the alternative versions, have hardly activated a carrier network on their devices. Is the price tag only detrimental factor when purchasing a 3G or 4G tablets?

It is a significant reason. Not only you have to invest greater money for purchasing tablets having Wi-Fi along with sim-card facilities, monthly investment for using internet via data plan is also more. Other contributing factor is easier access to Wi-Fi. Other than the free zones even if you are planning to access internet from mobile hotspot or by tethering, the cost incur is much lesser than what you pay for the data plans. The Wi-Fi offers faster internet services and is more cost effective than the 3G connections. The bandwidth of 4G is similar to Wi-Fi but the related cost is the only reason for which the online users can depend more on Wi-Fi. Another reason why people are fond of Wi-Fi only tablets is because they do not have to stick to a single carrier.

You must have an answer by now how to get connected and make use of faster internet from your tablet at a much lower cost.

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