2013 was a year of absolute excitement for tech lovers, especially the smartphone geeks. We saw many new things, many promising developments and some disappointments and failures. All in all it was an eventful year.

Before we start looking Apple’s expectations, I would like to present something which a friend, another blogger and tech expert said. My friend Richard Querrey from contract phones with free gifts said the following in our last discussion:

iPhone 5S“I think we can probably expect a couple of things – I definitely see a larger screen device from Apple on the cards, under Jobs they stayed away from it, but the phablet market is growing rapidly so I think they want a piece. We may even see a larger iPad. One thing I hope for, and expect to a certain extent is a reduction in price of the iPhone 5C, it’s just not worthy of carrying such a big price tag for the specs you get. The Nexus 5 is so much better and half the price.”

What Apple gave us in 2013

2013 was quite a drastic year for Apple users. In the beginning it was slow, in the first six months there was very little to talk about but then Apple picked up their game. In June 2013 at WWDC, Apple displayed iOS 7 and OS X Mevericks – but it was not only software. Apple also released Macbook Air and Macbook 802. Soon afterwards, Apple threw in Mac Pro.

Then in September came the big move: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released. The massive phone launch was followed by iPad Air and iPad Mini in October.

Quite a contrasting year wasn’t it!

What 2014 might behold

So now the big question, what does Apple have in store for us in 2014. We can about it by combining various methods such as unconfirmed reports and leaks, Apple’s part analysis and by examining their past drawbacks which they would be looking to address.

Phone and tablets:

It is almost certain that iPhone 6 will come out. And a reasonable assumption would be to expect a bigger screen size. Apple’s users have suffered a lot with their conventional smaller display. If Apple are to learn anything from their Windows and Android competitors, they will increase the screen size.

We might also see evolution in iPads. One of the most successful products of Apple, it is rumored that we see a 13 inch iPad this year.

Improvement in Software:

There are many flaws in Apple’s current software. There are obvious loopholes in OS X, Maps and other services in Siri. Apple have been duly criticized a lot for their lacking software. 2014 could and should see a marked improvement in their software services.

Desktop, Apple TV and iWatch projects:

With regards to the desktop problems, Haswell Mac Mini is set to make amends.  Apple has the most stylish desktop computers and to some faithful users, desktop are still important. And let’s not forget office usage of desktop system.

Apple TV has been lagging behind. There hasn’t been a software update since almost 2 years and surely 2014 will see an update! It would be severely disappointing if we don’t. The smartwatch project is also reported to be underway and it is said by many that it would be the 2014’s cutting edge technology. Taking everything into account, it can be safely said that it would be a year worth looking forward to!

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