Some people think about blogging as about writing only, which is in fact not. Professional and really interesting blogging is a more complicated process which involves search, planning, management and analysis, besides communication, writing and publication. Fortunately, there are tones of apps that make professional blogging easier and more interesting, they help not only organize the process but also make it more profound.

Below, we will review some of the really good apps that you, as a blogger, maybe interested to use.


As you might guess from the name, Evernote saves notes. This powerful application is capable to capture not only text, images and web pages, but also create voice records; which is very convenient. There are many options for integrations available, so you can easily save almost any item to your account from anywhere. Another good thing about the app is that it has function of super fast search and can be accessed from either PC or your mobile phone.


If you require something more than just saving notes to your device, you should consider using Sringpad which has more functions than Evernote. The developers state that saving notes with Sringpad is “really, really, smart”.

If you are blogging about products, restaurants or recipes, for instance, this app might be of real help to you, since it allows you to browse and save all these. Besides, it helps you to organize your time with reminders and alters. Like Evernote, Sringpad can be accessed from any device too.


Diigo is a very helpful application for bloggers who spend much time on research and analysis before writing. It not only has an option to save images and entire web pages but also enable you to make sticky notes on the pages and highlight the text, which is very convenient if you work with huge texts.

A very interesting fact is that you can also see the annotations done by others, in this way, you can compare thoughts, get new ideas and inspiration.  If you don’t have enough time to read the post right now, with Diigo you can save it to read later.

Windows Live Writer

This is one of the most loved by bloggers application which has more than 100 plugins and works with Windows platform. Its main functions are: creating blog posts, editing and previewing them.

You can also set up multiple new blogs with Windows Live Wrier and add all kind of content to your blogs: videos, images, Bing maps and many more. It actually allows you to blog right from your smartphone. WLW is totally free, this too means a lot.


BlogJet is similar to Windows Liver Write but has much more functions. It works not only with Windows platforms but with many others as well. You don’t have to know HTML to easily edit your blogs, because it has powerful WYSIWYG editor. With BlogJet you can easily add Flickr images, videos and even file attachments. There is only one thing that might seem to be a disadvantage – BlogJet is a paid app.

We do hope you found the information interesting and useful, feel free to write about the apps you use in the comment section. Happy blogging!

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