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You can turn your smartphone into a high tech tool to help you keep up with your automobile. However, with so many apps to choose from, it can be a daunting task to search through them all and find the ones that best suit your needs as a driver. Check out these highly ranked must-have apps that can make your life behind the wheel a lot easier.

Car Locator
Whether your car gets stolen or you simply forgot where you last parked, trying to find your ride can be frustrating. For a one-time cost to buy the app, Car Locator gives you all the tools you need to track down your car. The app shows you the current coordinates of you and your car, a parking timer, driving directions, double screen radar view mode and more. This app is exclusive to Andriod platforms.

mobile appsaCar
As you well know, owning a car is an expense that never seems to stop. The aCar app helps you keep track of everything from fuel costs to maintenance. With cool tools that can tell you how close you are to needing an oil change and how many miles per gallon you are actually getting, this app is extremely helpful when it comes to managing your vehicle. It will even put all of your data into an Excel spreadsheet for you! This one is for Android and Blackberry users only.

Remember that time you needed repairs and the mechanic totally stiffed you on the price? Never again! RepairPal is your best buddy when you need an estimate on vehicle repairs. This free app can give you a fair price for the work you need done and even recommend repair shops in your area to get your ride fixed. This handy money-saver is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Ever been on a road trip and stopped at the first gas station you see…only to find cheaper gas a quarter mile down the road? The GasBuddy app will make sure you never make that mistake again! GasBuddy is actually a community of users all helping one another achieve that common and all too important goal of getting fuel for the best price. The neat thing about the app is that you accumulate points for all your heroic money saving exploits and you can use those points to get rewards. GasBuddy is free and available on all mobile platforms. Yes, even Blackberry.


The only real drawback to owning an EV is you that can’t just pull into a gas station and fill up. The PlugShare app is for you electric vehicle drivers out there. This very useful and very free app maps out over 40,000 charging stations for you so you never have to let the batteries in your EV run dry no matter where you are. PlugShare will also let tell you if the station has space for you and you can even pay for your charge through the app. PlugShare works with your iOS and Android devices.

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