The cloud storage business is big business for the iPhone. This is one of Apple’s bestselling products and everyone wants to appeal to the consumers. This is why so many cloud storage apps are popping up. There are many different ones out there to choose from. Seven of the tops ones are listed below.

There’s an app called Box (not to be confused with Drop Box) that is getting a lot of attention. This app allows users to log on and upload files. They have personal, business and enterprise packages. The most common users are choosing the personal pack with 5GB of free space. This app is popular because it has a great security guarantee and 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

2. Drop Box
This may arguably be the best app out there for cloud storage. It has become a popular staple that is often used in schools, work offices and homes. Lots of offices use the Drop Box cloud to store phone number directories and internal email listings.

3. SugarSync
This is another popular cloud server app that allows you to store 5GB of data free. This is the site that is receiving the most accolades from magazines. PC World, Wall Street Journal and C-Net have all given the app their approval. SugarSync is popular because it works well with all smart devices.

cloud storage apps4. iCloud
All iPhone users love this iCloud because it is free and they don’t have to do anything to get it. There is no signup or registration process. This is already linked to their iPhone account. This allows users to save all of their phone numbers, email contacts and media files directly from their phones to the iCloud.

5. Google Drive
There isn’t a lot that Google hasn’t touch in the area of portable devices. It’s no surprise that they would also master the cloud storage sector as well. This is a great app for people that were already using Google Docs.

6. Mozy
This app has been getting attention because it has been advertised as an online backup site. This has given it a lot of appeal among business users. People that are interested in accessing work-related material from their iPhone will typically sign up with Mozy.

7. Joukuu
This app is unique in that it can display lists of files from other apps. This app gives users the ability to access multiple clouds.

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