RSS readers are a crucial part of life for many people. For those who are busy and want the news and opinions most relevant to them delivered to their email account or mobile device, they are something that is heavily relied upon.

We all know about the success of Apple and the popularity of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod products in particular. We’ve also grown accustomed to knowing that there is an app for pretty much everything, and RSS is no different. If you have an iOS device and are reliant on RSS to get you the information you need, here are the top five apps that you simply have to download.


Feeddler is the number one ranked RSS app for iPad and has been featured by Apple themselves as one of their top apps, as well as being called the app with the “cleanest and most user friendly interface” by iPhone Life magazine.

Fast and easy to customize to the feeds you want to receive, Feeddler is, somewhat ironically, a Google reader. There are paid and free options available, and as well as removing the adverts, the premium version has added social media features, including integration with your bit.ly account for link sharing, and a keyword search function to find feeds you might not have known about before.


feedlyAnother app that is modern, clean, and easy to use, one of the best things about Feedly is that you can organize the things you want to read later and prioritize them. This means users can keep on top of news using short snippets of time throughout the day, rather than having to sit down later and cut through hundreds of news stories to find the one you want.

Recently re-launched as a slicker, faster version, Feedly is a must if you want quick browsing and the ability to export news into other apps like Evernote.


This app is by no means the most aesthetically pleasing, nor does it have the most spectacular range of features. However, it is this simplicity, almost old school basic-ness that makes News such a brilliant app. There are no necessary bells and whistles here; just fast access to the news stories that matter from the most respected sources around the world, without you needing to spend the time hunting for them yourself.


Pulse goes back to the elegant and modern type of app, and for those who want business and technology related news it is brilliant for sending thought leadership to LinkedIn and connecting with industry leaders.

Even if you do not take advantage of these features, it is a superb platform for keeping updated with the latest news, and stories from your last download are always saved so you can catch up on your reading even when you’re offline.


Those who like their news with a dash of social media will love Flipboard, a magazine style app that allows you to organize and share your favourite stories, or even just talk about the latest breaking news with friends, relatives, and other connections you have made. The world is becoming ever more social media-centric anyway, so why not use it for getting your news?

All of these RSS readers are great fun, informative, and easy to use. All you need to decide is which one you love the best!

Damien loves his iPhone, and as he travels a lot he always uses it to keep up to date with the latest news using a handful of RSS readers. He is also the owner of a blog, hosted by JaguarPC, in which he discusses the latest technology gadgets and potential future developments.

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