responsive-web-designAmidst the recession, the online world and its existence is rapidly expanding within the 21st century. With many companies looking to build into this territory and upgrade their online presence, it’s not just desktops they have to cater for in 2013. It’s Mobile. Mobile Devices, Tablets and generally technical equipment that have much smaller screens than the average PC.

Does your website cater for your mobile customers?

Many companies are now requesting a mobile website as well as the standard website you see on desktops. Is this necessary? Within the online community websites can now be built with a Responsive Web Design. Well what does that mean? We hear many of you saying. It’s a website that responds to the screen size of your device = SIMPLE.

It’s important for businesses to follow the ingrowing trends, because if you snooze, you lose. Your competitors will overtake your online presence and attract YOUR potential customers too. In order to help you help yourself, we have created a list of Top 3 reasons on why you need to act if you’re fully committed to being online.

Here are the 3 Reasons you need to break into starting trends and have a responsive website:

  1. An increasing number of sales are happening on Mobile Devices. Hello World, it’s 2013. Every one of us now has mobile devices and it’s becoming more efficient than to shop online using the little device than it is to turn on the PC. Whether it’s whilst walking the dog, catching the bus, out with friends or even stuck on the train, people are browsing the internet in search of products you might sell.
  2. Lower Bounce Rate and SEO friendly.With a responsive web design, your customers can navigate through your website on a mobile device properly – dropping the pinch and zoom. A lower bounce rate works wonders for your website in terms of favoritism in Google. If they can see customers are spending time on your website, they know it’s informative and their users are happy enough to stay, Google will be happy enough to accommodate you high enough for new users to find your website too.
  3. Draw attention to your website, it can help returning visits or attract offline sales.If your potential customers can get all the required information they may need, it will help them to make that   final decision. With a responsive web design, your customers don’t have to do any work but click on your website link. Many old sites that are accessed through mobile devices, you need to zoom in or all written information doesn’t fit on one screen.

With these 3 things now in mind, it’s time to crack the code and turn your website mobile friendly today.

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