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Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the information world- including the corner of that world occupied by the attorneys. Law profession is very dynamic and requires lot of documentation, systemic filing, capturing files, referencing and sharing information. By downloading specific apps to your device, you can tailor its performance to your needs, thereby improving your ability to stay organized and increasing your efficiency. These mobile apps also give you the portability convenience, so that you are able to complete projects even when you are on the road.

Whether you are an experienced lawyer or a certified court reporter, the following mobile apps help in revving up your practice’s productivity.

1) Sign Now

Sign NowSay good bye to cumbersome tasks such as scanning or faxing with this new Sign Now App. This is a free app with lots of practical applications for busy lawyers. Lawyers have to sign plenty of documents. The app allows you to sign letters of representation, power of attorney documents or any other document on the go. All you have to do is simply upload a file (PDF, Word or Rich Text) and sign the document with this easy-to-use app. The best part is you can also email the document to clients or witnesses whose signatures are required.

2) Drop Box App

Drop Box AppAccording to the Lifehacker Survey, DropBox was named the most useful could storage app by more than half the votes. Drop-box is an amazing iPhone app that allows you to store and organize files online. Files are stored behind an SSL and AES-256 bit encryption as well as optional two-step verification. It has a very clean interface and is easy to install and set up. For commonly used forms, standard documents and standard agreements, Drop-box provides a good solution.

3) Black’s Law Dictionary

The bible of law, the Black’s Law dictionary is now available online with this iPhone app. The Black’s Law Dictionary is the definitive legal source for lawyers and law students. The dictionary includes more than 45,000 terms, alternate spellings and expressions. It is known for its clear and precise legal definitions, stylistic clarity and substantive accuracy. You can also call it as your ‘back pocket legal assistant’.

4) Evernote

Like DropBox, Evernote is the most popular and useful app of its genre. This fantastic app allows you to save ideas, things you see on the web, record notes and voice memos, and then share all these things across different social media platforms. All notes are stored in your password protected account, so in case your phone is lost or stolen, you are able to restore everything to a new mobile.

5) Cam Scanner App

This app is designed to run on both Android and IOS systems. CamScanner uses your device’s camera to take focussed high resolution pictures of documents that can be emailed or filed in a cloud storage app like DropBox.

6) DroidLaw App

The DroidLaw App runs on Android 2.0.1 and later versions. This free app allows you to access the most important reference legal material, such as Federal laws of Civil Procedure, Federal Laws of Evidence, Federal Laws of Criminal Procedure, bankruptcy procedure and more. The paid-up version of this app provides you additional information on state laws, US constitution and US Supreme Court opinions.

7) Attorney Timekeeper

For the lawyer who bills by the hour, meticulous timekeeping achieves multiple crucial goals. This is a cloud time-tracking app for lawyers. Designed for Android 1.5 and its later versions, the app captures client’s call-time and any other billable time. To the right side of the screen, there is a list of your most recent events; and there is a timer and a text box on the left side of the app screen. The timing information can be emailed our, or downloaded to a Google Doc.

8) Instapaper

This award-winning app is available on iPhone as well as android. The core functionality of Instapaper is saving web pages for offline reading. You can bookmark various webpages, which you can then sync with your iPad. Currently, the app allows you to store 500 articles on your device. The minimalistic design and clarity are some of the best features of this app.

9) iPro Recorder App

Rated as one of the top 10 must-have apps for lawyers, iProRecorder is a dictation app that allows you to do recording on your phone. The app has simple one-touch recordings and is designed to find any portion of the recording within a thousandth of second.

10) WestLaw Next

If your office uses WestLaw Account for legal research, then this app is essential. It is available for Android phones, iPad, iPhone and tablets. The WestLaw Next app automatically syncs with the Westlaw Next website so you can begin your research on your iPad and later complete the research at the office. Basically, it syncs your work with all your devices.

11) Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a great app to manage tasks, which is important for lawyers. This is a multi-platform app and it allows keeping tasks synchronized across multiple devices. One needs to setup wunderlist account to get started.

 12) Circus Ponies Notebook

This is a very useful app for lawyers, allowing them to organize their notes, research and cases files. This app can be used as a handy trial notebook by lawyers, allowing them to just carry their tablet/mobile to the courtroom instead of loads of transcripts, files and other paperwork.

13) LogMeIn

This app allows user to log into their desktop remotely. The app gives remote access of desktop from mobile. This can be useful for lawyers to access an important file on their access while being present in the courtroom.

14) Skype

Skype is a popular video conferencing app that allows user to connect with other Skype users through video calls. This is a useful app for lawyers, as they can connect with their clients for discussion through this app. All it requires a reasonably fast internet connection, and the lawyers can connect with their clients over video calls.

15) iPleading

It is an app designed by a lawyer for lawyers, which allows them to create litigation template. It allows them to design PDF documents quickly, which are ready to be filled. The format for litigation template follows the rules of pleading and customs of legal profession.

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