When it comes to organizing your long and variety-filled music on your iTunes, it could be one difficult task. Besides challenging, it could also be frustrating because you can be stuck sitting in front of your laptop or desktop trying to organize every single music track you have. This may be the case a few years back, but with our modern technological updates, there are iTunes organizers for your music library. If this is new to you, here are some tips that you could use in selecting the best iTunes organizer for your music list.

itunesCo-exist with iTunes

This is probably one of the first features you should look for especially if your music library is on your iTunes program on your computer. Finding an organizer that works with iTunes is ideal because that is the main program that you will be working with and a program that does not co-exist with iTunes might cause you problems.

Includes the feature of cleaning up songs

Try to find an iTunes organizer that can clean up duplicate songs and just by title. Many people have this problem because they do not realize that some of their songs are in their music library more than once. iTunes may find the duplicate songs by title, but not by song. So finding an iTunes organizer program that can do this will come in really handy.

Album Art Images

You can also include this in your list when trying to find an iTunes organizer program. There are programs that could also search for the appropriate album art for each song and album in your music library. This can come in conveniently for those who like having album art on their songs. It makes their music more alive and organized.

Fixes track file names and makes them all consistent

For those individuals who want all their music track file names correct and consistent, a program that does the job can work out great for you. Try out different iTunes organizers to see what program works well and finds the correct title, author and meta-data for each song. 

User-friendly interface

Do yourself a favor and find an organizer program that has a user-friendly interface. This will benefit you because you can navigate throughout the program with no problems. Something that will be easy on the eyes and simple to use is what you are aiming for.

Cheap or better yet, FREE

Price always matters for people. Try doing research on what are the “cheapest iTunes organizers” available today and also the ones that are free. The free organizer programs work fine but sometimes they are limited to certain features. There are cheap programs that are available for use. Just do the necessary research to find the best organizer program for you.

Free downloadable demo

This is ideal to have for all software on the internet. Try finding a program that has a free downloadable demo so that you can try out everything in the application. It may be free for a couple days or so, that is why you should make the most of it and navigate throughout the whole program.

Here is a list of some iTunes organizers that you can try out:


Although it is not free, it works well with iTunes, removes duplicate songs, fixes the song details, adds missing album art and has an easy to use interface.


It is also not free but does the job. It fixes the song’s information, deletes duplicate songs, finds missing album art covers and receives concert alerts, artist bios and music videos.

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