E-commerce has opened up a whole new world of business opportunities for everyone, regardless of business experience or capital. Those without any money to invest can choose a drop shipper to get started, while those with some more resources can build their own stock.

No matter which option you choose, there are a few things that will help you make running your e-commerce site a little easier. Here are the top three things you’ll need:

1. The right supplier.

The quality of your product will make or break your business. If you plan to stock your own merchandise, you need to preview the goods to ensure their quality. Attend trade shows or order samples to see the products yourself. If you plan to use a drop shipper, make sure you thoroughly vet the supplier first. Find online reviews of its products, as well as reviews from customers about the service they received. Many drop shippers are unreliable with shipping products or with making payments, and that’s the kind of hassle you want to avoid if you want a successful business.

responsive-web-design2. The right website.

E-commerce sites need special designs and special content management solutions to be successful. For example, you need a site that will feature each of your products on their own featured page, as well as all together in a catalog. The site should also allow customers to shop by product category. A shopping cart is also an essential part of a successful e-commerce site. Your customers should be able to add whatever products they want to the shopping cart and then checkout and pay. If they have to e-mail you to order or to pay, you will lose sales.

3. The right billing system.

You will use it to charge your customers’ credit cards, handles trials and promotions, creating bills for ongoing usage, gain insights into ordering activity and more. Free systems offer some solutions for Internet businesses, but they are limited. You need a professional billing system to get the results you want. You’ll also impress your customers by offering them professional service.

Starting an e-commerce business could be your ticket to personal and professional success. However, you’ll need to get the right tools before you get started if you want to be successful. Otherwise, you could be yet another in a long list of failed startups. Make sure you break the mold and find your success.

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