We all have a love for Apple and the iPhone. It’s change the way millions of people communicate with each other around the globe. Now there is actual sales data to prove that iPhone is the most popular phone in America.

iQmetrix is a company that sells software to wireless retailers across America. They collected sales data from the nation’s wireless retailers and released statistics for Black Friday week from 2011 to 2013.

There were some interesting results shown in the study. The iPhone 5s was the most popular phone sold him throughout the country. 14% of all the phones sold during Black Friday week were from the iPhone 5s.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 came in at second with 10% of overall sales. What’s interesting is that Android actually lost a bit of marketshare to Windows phone. Apple’s share of the operating system space, however, stayed the same at 27% year-over-year. Although Android operating systems dominate almost all regions in America, Apple’s iOS was most popular in the Northeast. 34% of smart phone users had iOS installed devices. Another interesting tidbit pulled from the study is that cell phone accessories went up in cost year-over-year.

IQ metric’s collects data from their retail management software. They estimate that they process almost 14,500,000 handset transactions every year. Information gathered provides a unique look into the mobile phone, accessory, plan and add on purchasing trends in North America. They put all this information into an infographic and posted it on their website.

It is a very interesting look at how Apple is still strong with their iPhone smartphone. With many people looking towards what’s next from Apple, Samsung along with Android and now Windows phone are itching to steal customers away. What most people are now wondering is who will emerge victorious in the smartphone wars.

Smartphones and mobile technology are some of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And all of these companies are clamoring to get more and more market share. What’s great is that the original innovator of this type of technology and the change maker in the mobile world, Apple, remains strong.

It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings. Now that we are in the New Year and there are new technologies on the horizon it’ll be up to each of these different manufacturers to come up with the next big thing to really sway consumers towards their particular brands. Whatever they decide to do, we’re all excited to see what happens.

Lynn Haerdle is a technology enthusiast from The United States. She’s an apple-geek that is always on the lookout for the latest trends in technology. She often shares her tech news on her blog.

Black Friday 2013 Mobile Sales

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