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Nearly every aspect of everyone’s life can be drastically improved by downloading several key apps on a smartphone or tablet, and this is no different for people working as truck drivers. Truckers have a hard time accessing the newest information because they are constantly on the road, so it is even more important for them to have the right apps downloaded. While there are a wide variety of apps that can help truckers, these are the five most helpful.

Gas Buddy

Truck drivers get paid a set rate for every delivery they take, so any expenses they have on the trip comes directly out of their profits. The biggest expense for any trucker would have to be gas, so they are always looking to find the cheapest prices around. The Gas Buddy app uses the GPS system in your smartphone or tablet to determine your location and give you the cheapest gas prices in your area. The app will even give you directions to the gas station from your current location.

Apps for TruckersBig Road

Truckers have to keep extensive logs on each trip and there is no better way to keep track of your logs than with the Big Road app. All of your information is extremely easy to input into the Big Road app, and it all can be sent to your employer directly throughout the app. In addition to keeping track of your driver logs, the Big Road app will also help you find weight stations and truck stops.

Weather Channel

It is absolutely necessary for truck drivers to know the exact weather conditions on their route. Driving into a storm will add extra time to a trip and cut into the profit margin for the job, so it is extremely important to avoid bad weather whenever possible. The best way to keep track of the weather situations throughout the country is through The Weather Channel app. The app will allow you to check an extended forecast of any city in the world, and it will also give live radar maps of your location.


Truck drivers spent a vast majority of their time away from home, so it can be a very difficult job for someone with a family at home. There is no better way to stay in touch with the family at home while on the road than Skype. The service will not only allow you to talk to your loved ones for free, but the video calls also make it possible to see your family at the same time. Not being able to see your family is the hardest part of truck driving, but Skype can help reduce the homesickness.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Truckers usually only have time to eat fast food while on the road, which is not an ideal diet for anyone. If truck drivers want to try to maintain a healthy diet while on the road, then they absolutely have to download the Fast Food Calorie Counter app. This app gives the calorie information of every item at 73 of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. This will allow every trucker to know exactly what they are eating and allow them to avoid the unhealthiest items on each restaurant’s menu.

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