Technology and multi-user gaming

Multiplayer games are usually such games that can be enjoyed by more than one person at the same time. Majority of the games are usually single player activities in which the players usually play against a pre-programmed or Artificial Intelligence (AI) opponent that is inhumane and lacks the ability to think. This sort of gaming elicits interaction among different players who are either playing as partners against the opponents or engaged in competition or rivalry. Multi user gaming also enables the players to interact with each other which is usually absent from single player gaming.

Most of the games in the earlier times were single player games that could only be enjoyed by the individual competing against the enemy. With the advent of internet, online gaming gained popularity which paved the way for the multiplayers who could play together (either in competition or co-operation) without and geographical boundaries.

                                                Technology and multi-user gaming“Multiplayer gaming provides you with a whole new experience giving you more charm and greater chances of interaction” says Henry Fraser from Game Period.

Cooperative gameplay (co-op)

In this format of game one can enjoy the company of others while playing the game. They may help each other in different ways like passing weapons or items to them, healing them, or backing them up during a fight.

Competitive game play

In this format one can get into a fierce battle with his opponents. For instance, you play a fighting game in which you and your friend are striving to win against each other. They may include player vs. player or aggressive battles like death match.


Two player games have existed since the inception of video games. For instance, early sport games like tennis for two and shooting games like space war! There were some other multi-player games that included turn-based multiplayer features, giving an opportunity to both the players alternatively. Each of them may get a chance to play often after the loss of one’s life. Scores of different players are displayed on the screen so that each of them can individually now about their relative standing in the game. Moreover, there were games that were meant for 4 players. These types of games usually had wider consoles to enable all the players to get their hand on the controls.


In networked multi-player games, multiple players compete with each other instead of competing with a programmed character or AI. Networked multiplayer gaming modes are termed as net play. The first networked multi player game ”Specter” enabled 8 players to participate in the game either in co-op with each other or competition with the AI. The most awesome feature of this game was the display of each character’s name at the top of their cyber tank. Furthermore, there are other games that are” massively multiplayer” allowing a large number of people to participate simultaneously.

Single-system in multi-player gaming

In the modern video games, the consoles are basically plugged into a single system. Home-console games also offer a split screen display that enables both the players to witness their actions separately on 2 split screens. This is usually common for racing and shooting games.

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