Smartphones are widely used gadgets in the entire world and its microphone is without the shadow of the doubt is the key component. The microphones of a particular cell phone device are no longer used for making calls only. Generally, people have the perception that microphone of any mobile phone device is used for making calls, but the times have come up with the new tactics and strategies. Now you can use it for listening conversations from anyone’s phone.

Michelle Mooy said that

According to the Michelle De Mooy, Acting director of the Center for Democracy and technology’s Privacy & Data project, said Digital Trends, “the cell phones these days are small tracking devices”.

smatphoneHow your smartphone can listen to your/someone conversations?

Obviously, it is not possible that anyone cell phone device can listen to conversations. It is a kind of tool that enable a user to install it on the phone and then it will be able to listen to your/someone conversations to the fullest.

Use TOS & Make phone listen to the conversations

So, don’t be the one that penguin in the water and download such type of software that has developed for breaching privacies like; TheOneSpy app. However, you can use such type of tools for listening phone conversations that enable a user to protect someone from the real threats. Therefore go for cell phone spying app that has been developed for parenting, employee tracking and to catch cheating spouses. It enables a user to listen all the conversations happened on the phone. Users initially have to install it on the particular smartphone to listen to the conversations.

Once a user has successfully installed the cell phone tracking software, then have to activate it on the cell phone. Now the user will have the number of conversation listening tools to get their ears on. A user will be able to listen to the calls and conversations in real time and even can save it over the web for a reminder. It is not the kind of dubious outright malicious software that has developed for breaching someone’s privacy. It is for the people that want to protect someone from potential dangers via conversations. Let’s discuss all the powerful and contemporary tools to listen your own or someone conversation.


Young kids and teens mostly use smartphones owned by the parents. Anyhow, parents have right to listen to conversations with kids and teens on their phones. They can use TOS MIC bug app in order to get their ears on all the conversations happen on the phone and the spy surround voices. They just need to send the command to the target phone by getting access to the web portal of the phone monitoring app. Once the target smartphone has received the command it will start getting surrounds sounds and record conversations happened on the phone. A user will be able to listen to the conversation on their phone convincingly. It allows a user to record the surrounds and the conversation on the phones from 1 minute to 45 minutes.

Spy on calls

A user can use the app to record phone calls and listen to the conversation of any person. But they have to get physical access in order to install the secret phone call recorder on the phone. Employers can use it on company’s owned smartphones assigned to the employees when they use it personally. Employers can use TOS call recording and get their hands on all the calls and conversations made by the employees on the cell phone owned by the company. They can record and listen to the conversations and further store it as the reminder on the web.

TOS spy 360 live surrounds listening

A user can use it listen to the conversation in real time with the help of TOS spy 360 surround listening. A user just needs to send a push notification on the target phone and then it starts recording the surround sounds and conversations happen on the cell phone in real-time. It is arguably the best tool for listening to the conversations on your phone when it comes to the parenting and employees monitoring. Parents can record and listen to the conversations fully and employers can get to know the hidden conversations of employees on their smartphone gadgets.

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