iPhone 5S

iPhone 5SIf you are an avid iPhone fan, you were probably all over the iPhone announcement in September.

Apple recently announced that they were releasing two brand new phones for the first time since they released the iPhone. To some this was a revolutionary marketing scheme that should increase iPhone’s presence around the world. To others, it was just plain confusing.

To make it clear, both phones offer a reliable cellular experience. They are fast, sleek and perform better than their predecessor, the iPhone 5. Between the two, though, there are some noticeable differences.

Here are the major differences between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c:


The first thing you notice about the two phones is the different design from the iPhone 5. Both phones are sleeker and more attractive overall than the iPhone 5, but when you compare the two together, they look even more different. While the iPhone 5s boasts a very clean, professional look, the iPhone 5c is bright and colorful. It’s sort of like the old difference between the iPod Nano and the regular iPod. Neither is necessarily better, it just depends on preference. 


 While both iPhones have a four inch display, the iPhone 5s clearly has a better contrast and brighter screen. Both have the same resolution as an iPhone 5, but the iPhone 5s utilizes a new IGZO display, which makes darker colors darker and more profound. Both still use retina display, which makes nearly every image stunning.

Specs and performance 

One of the biggest differences between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c is the performance. iPhone announced that the 5s is the first phone to have an A7 chip with a 64-bit processor, which they claim increases performance by over 2x. The 5s also has an M7 chip which continually monitors motion and information. It can tell the difference between walking, riding and bike and driving, which tells the maps to adjust its display accordingly.

Though the 5c allows for more personalization with external colors, the 5s comes in a 64 GB model while the 5c tops out at 32 GB.


The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c both have eight megapixel cameras, but the 5s has a larger aperature, which means pictures turn out clearer and sharper, especially in dark light. The 5s also has a better light sensor and bigger individual pictures, which means colors look brighter and pictures turn out better. Even though the iPhone 5c camera is better than the 5 camera, it pales in comparison to the iPhone 5s. But really, any phone does these days.


Another one of the biggest differences between the two phones is the fingerprint scanner. If you are a stickler for device security, you should probably get the iPhone 5s. Though it doesn’t entirely replace passcodes completely, it allows you to open your phone, buy songs and apps, and pretty much do anything else that requires a passcode. If you get a 5s, you pretty much will never have to use a passcode again.

Both phones are great devices. If you have no need for a complex phone with fancy features, go with the iPhone 5c. If you want the latest technology, a speedy phone and the security of your fingerprint, go with the 5s.

Anthony Dixon is a marketing consultant for Waterline LLC, a company with patent-pending tank cleaning equipment that offers significant advantages versus shell-mounted rotary jet mixers.

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