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iPad Mini 2 It’s only been a few weeks since Apple’s latest big release of the iPhone 5S, 5C and iOS7 and already people are talking about what’s next. So, it is rumoured that the iPad Mini 2 is going to be released in the next few weeks and this has us very excited. This is Apple’s opportunity to improve from its already impressive predecessor and set itself above the budget friendly competition, the Nexus 7.  Rumours are already beginning to spread about the models possible new features. Here’s a sneak peak and what you might be expecting.


The original iPad mini is basically a sized down version of the 2011, iPad 2. It is an impressive piece of work and many people prefer it to the bigger version simply for convenience and avoiding carrying a huge tablet around all of the time. So, what improvements can we expect? It is predicted that the iPad mini 2 will boast a far higher resolution, this will put it back into a rivalry with cheaper alternative tablets that have started to take a slight lead in market sales. The new iPad mini 2 is expected to boast retina display; this could change the design and size of the slate maybe increasing the screen by just a few millimeters.


The new A7 processor, which is currently featured in the iPhone 5S, is a beast and has made the processing speed 40 times faster. The A7X is set to take over the iPad mini 2, it will be amped up in order to keep the retina display working to full potential. This is a huge upgrade from the A5 chip that is used on the current iPad mini and Apple are making a statement that the iPad mini will operate as an equally powerful stable mate to the full sized edition.


The iPad mini 2 is expected to upgrade the camera quality. Currently the rear camera on the original iPad is 5 megapixels and it is predicted that this will upgrade to 8 megapixels while the front facing camera will upgrade from a current 1.2 megapixel to shoot at 1080p video rather than 720p.

Other Apple Rumours

There are many questions hovering over Apple at the moment. Latest speculation suggests that Apple will launch the coveted iPad mini 2 later this month. October 22nd is the much talked about date and it is thought that the new model will be released alongside the new iPad 5. Most would predict that the new iPad mini 2 will show off the recently released iOS7 operating system, few are expecting an even newer iOS8 should Apple extend the release to a 2014 date. As Apple continue to adapt for budget weary shoppers with the iPhone 5C and the iPad mini, Apple are expected to launch a budget friendly iMac that we believe will be priced below $1000 with possible spec downgrades to cater for budgetary needs.

If you are thinking of purchasing the new iPad mini 2 or any of Apple’s latest products, it is essential that you invest in gadget insurance or tablet insurance for your own security and peace of mind. We look forward to trying out the new iPad mini 2 when it is released and seeing what else Apple have to offer in the coming months.

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