HTC One Max

HTC One Max Today we will review another smartphone that was recently launched by HTC, the manufacturer of tables and smartphones that originates from Taiwan. Its name is HTC One Max and it is a super large version of the One smartphone that had been a flagship for a rather long time. Just imagine Max’s enormously huge screen that is 5.9 inches wide, which makes it look more like a tablet.

Finger print scanner and ‘home’ button that is located on the smartphone’s back are two more things that make it different from others. Well, probably designers decided that location is more convenient for people. No doubt there will be lots of people who find it really convenient and those who will not.

More about the sensor

You can program the finger print scanner to recognize three fingers and each finger can activate different function, as well as immediate access to the apps that you frequently use. For instance, you also can activate camera with one finger and unlock the device with a different one.

It sounds really great and convenient to use the scanner, but some reviewers and testers believe its usage is difficult in real life because of its location and because you need to ‘awake’ the device with a wipe before you will be able to use the finger print scanner. On the iPhone 5S, they say, the process is more simple, since it requires only one step to start using it. That is the reason why some people may prefer to stay with the old, more common to them, on screen security.

Technical details

Since mobile apps become more demanding, we require more operating power from the devices we use. It should be noted that HTC One Max creator kept that in mind while putting a processor into it.

The new phone from HTC has a powerful, 1.7Ghz quad-core processor that can easily handle multiple tasks at the same time and ensures fluency of work. All lovers of bright pictures will enjoy a 1080p, colorful display. UltraPixel camera is 4000 pixels which might seem not much for such a huge and powerful smartphone.

Another good point to write about is Max’s 3300 mAh battery. The manufacturers state that it ensures approximately 25 hours of talk time which is OK taking into consideration the size of the screen.

Why such a big smartphone

One should note that HTC One Max is one of the biggest smartphones. It is bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note (5.7 inches) and the LG’s G2 which is only 5.2 inches wide. It is out of the question that using One Max requires considerable finger stretching at times, since its size is really huge. Tome Harlin, public relations director of HTC, says there is a reason for making such a super-wide screen and that is – convenience of surfing the Internet and using the social media.

Now you know all the major differences and peculiarities of One Max, so you can make a well thought out decision on whether to purchase it or not.

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