Every company hopes to make a marketing campaign that will generate enough attention to get their brand noticed. Some companies certainly do it better than others and the success of a quality campaign can change the outlook of an entire company. Here are some of the best marketing campaigns of all time, and the tech companies they helped.

appleApple Get a Mac

In the mid-2000’s, PC’s were very popular and Apple certainly didn’t have the exposure that they do now. Before everyone had an iPhone or iPad, the Get A Mac campaign started to get people on board and purchase a Mac computer. The marketing campaign, which featured Justin Long as the hip and new Mac, was used to show all of the highlights that a Mac offers in comparison to all of the issues that a PC can encounter. Since then, Apple grew to be one of the largest companies in the world and has an entire line of tech products.

Samsung Galaxy III

Another campaign that included Apple was created by Samsung, but this time had Apple on the other end. The campaign for the Galaxy III showed people waiting in line for hours, which Apple fans are known to do, only to get a phone that is barely slightly better than the current models available. Instead, other people would walk by with their own Samsung Galaxy III, which became one of the most popular phones on the market after the campaign.

Instagram This Weekend’s Hashtag Project

Before Instagram was purchased for $1 billion by Facebook, they targeted younger audiences to start using their smartphones more as a camera. Now, everyone everywhere takes photos of themselves, their food and anything else they come across. The “This Weekend’s Hashtag Project” was considered highly popular for the photography app and helped the company get to the place that it is today.

Google Hangout

Google doesn’t need much help in terms of being noticed, but they were a bit of a latecomer to the video chat industry, with Skype already having a lot of that industry under wraps. However, the Google Hangout campaign really pulled on heartstrings to show how great video chat can be for those who don’t live close together. Some of the commercials showed a daughter in college away from her father, and another commercial showed old friends who haven’t seen each other in years. The campaigns were cute and relatable for many people.

Wix History of HTML

You may not know much about Wix, but this website is a great team that helps create beautiful and creative online websites. The way that they pushed themselves ahead of other similar websites is by showing people the history of HTML and how it has become such a valuable part of our lives.

A great marketing campaign can help you establish your brand and make you a bigger company. You may not have the money to spend like these huge companies do, but there are easy ways for any company to get their name out. Using small ads and promotional products such as those found with Sacramento, CA promotional products by Halo. A marketing campaign makes your new company unforgettable and therefore it should be taken into great consideration to make it as good as possible.

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