Do you hate waiting? Do you have a smartphone? You’re in luck! With all the apps that are available right at our fingertips you can be sure to pass the time faster than you can blink. Because of the large number of apps you might be wondering which ones are right for the situation and so here are plenty of apps available to wait times seem much shorter than they are.


This is the app for people who like to personalize their phone. Browse through thousands of ringtones, notifications, wallpaper and games. Everything from the seriously funny to the incredibly serene can be found with no extra cost. Download and assign new sounds easily by saving them, changing them and basically customizing everything. Before long, your phone will be a reflection of what you like, and your wait time will be over.


What are you interested in? Recipes? Sports? Crafts? Trivia? Fashion? Pinterest makes it easy for you to search for ideas or information, collect them together in categories, and share them with your friends. The possibilities are so endless that you might end up wishing you had more time to spend on this app.

Candy Crush Saga

Easy to learn, tons of levels, and you can even compare scores with your friends. Bright graphics and cute themes help keep your attention. And it’s harder to master than it looks. Be warned that this game is addictive and sometimes impossible to put down. You might want to save it for the really long wait times at airline gates and doctor’s offices.


Whether you like to read for fun or to learn more about something near and dear to your heart, Amazon’s Kindle store has plenty to choose from. There are even free versions of classics and many free short novels to download and read. You’ll find textbooks, magazines, comic books and cook books on Kindle. Not to mention best selling fiction. The best part just might be that the app will hold your place when your free time’s over.


Most of us have little time to watch everything we want to, but YouTube offers plenty of interesting things to see and hear. There are music videos, of course, and plenty of humor. But YouTube also has hundreds of tutorials on everything from crafts to sports. You can check out what your friends have added to their favorite lists, search for your own interests, or just browse randomly and share what you find on your favorite social network. Before you know it, your wait will be over. Don’t forget to add that last clip to your “Watch Later” list.

Having these apps available will be certain to help the time cruise by but what good is a phone if its screen is broken? Protecting your device should be extremely important and what better way to do this than with a Samsung phone cover. With this security measure you will be able to carry your phone with

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