There are hundreds of thousands of millions of apps…okay, maybe just thousands. With so many to choose from, it helps to have information about some of the best.

The iPhone is probably the most popular phone in the world right now. With Apple dominating the market for years now with its revolutionary device, it’s clear to everyone that it is here to stay. With its popularity come a lot of developers. And what do developers do? Make apps! With thousands of apps out there, which ones are worth your time?

Opera Mini

55079_icon175x175Most would say that Safari is a perfectly good browser for the iPhone. What if you want something different or something that loads webpages using minimal data? That’s where Opera Mini shines. Safari loads pages in full, whereas Mini sends the opera servers a signal that tells it to send the webpage over that has already been compressed by up to 90 percent. Not only do pages load quicker, but you also use way less data.


This app is seriously awesome, especially for business owners. What this app allows you to do is accept credit card payments using a card reader that the company sends you. For only a small fee of up to 3.5 percent, it’s a perfectly good app to use. The card reader plugs right into the headphone jack, so you won’t need to figure anything out, as it fits right in and activates on contact.


wikipediaForget about all of those crazy news stories you’ve been hearing about. And who doesn’t love Wikipedia? Most people check Wikipedia at least once a day for information about anything they can think of. Having it on your phone where it is most accessible is extremely convenient. If you want to check out an important company or person for a report of paper you’re writing, you can just hop on your Wikipedia app and find it out in minutes.

If you can never keep track of your finances, this is the app you’ve been dying for. You can link all of your bank account and credit card information all in this one app and it keeps track of where all of your money is going. Not only that, this app also safely secures all of this information so you don’t need to be scared of your information falling into the wrong hands. It also shows your spending patterns, which means if you see that you’re buying too much fast food, you can cut it out.

My Fitness Pal

For all you exercise people out there, you’ll love the ability to track your calories and which exercises give you the best results. Since many people tend to lose focus on their goal, this neat app will give you a great focal point and objective. If you slack one day, it’ll be recorded. If you go over your suggested calories intake, it’ll be recorded. You really can’t go wrong here with this free app.

Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter are some of the top apps out there, but this list has some of the best apps for the iPhone that many people don’t even know about. The best part is that most are free! He has written for many Baltimore car dealers along with other websites that share many different topics.

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