Here is a list of eight gadgets that may save your life one day. The only problem is that they are not very interesting. There are no gadgets with Dalmatians strapped with water cannons or robots that give you the Heimlich maneuver because frankly they are not likely to happen any time soon. Here are eight gadgets that may save your life one day.

1 – Any mobile phone

It sounds like and obvious one, so let’s get it out of the way as point number one. It is often difficult to find exact numbers for this sort of claim because there are so many variables in emergency situations. It is easier for something such as how many lives a seatbelt has saved because they work in just one capacity, and it is easy to estimate how many lives Penicillin has saved because medicines are heavily monitored and regulated.

smartphonesThe AMTA (Australia) found that around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 people when emergency services are called from a mobile phone after the onset of an acute illness or injury compared to a landline phone.

The journal “Accident Analysis & Prevention” Volume 30, Issue 6, November 1998, Pages 815–819 also suggests that a great many lives are saved thanks to people reporting dangerous situations via mobile phones, which helps to prevent injuries and death.

2 – This bulletproof clipboard

Yes there is a bulletproof clipboard on sale on the Internet that is made from the hewn of a level 2 body armor suit. The board is said to work for up to 25 years, though that is assuming that it remains un-shot for that period of time. Such a device is actually quite useful in some higher crime areas where people are just trying to help make the place a little better.

3 – A smoke and a carbon monoxide detector

You are supposed to have both in your home anyway. They are the hot new thing if you do not want to die in your home. It is said that you are just as likely to die in your home as you are on the roads, which is one reason why it is handy to take a few safety precautions in your home, and these two devices are the standard safety precaution of all homes.

4 – A rape alarm

The switch is fiddly which is supposed to be difficult to shut off, and it is very loud which is supposed to alert other people. It is also round so that if it rolls away then he will not be able to dispose of it. The trouble is that it only really works in the open when people are nearby; and if he does not have the sense to throw it in a river. But, it is better to have one than to not.

5 – A fire extinguisher

You will see this in every business premise and that is because they help to save lives. Putting out a small fire before it turns into a big one is massive life saver not only for people in the building but for fire fighters too.

6 – The SawStop

This is a relatively new piece of technology that senses an electrical discharge that happens when your skin touches the blade of the saw and within 1/200th of a second it jams a piece of aluminum into the mechanism. This jams the device which halts it, but it also breaks the saw machine. Still, it helps people to walk away with just a very nasty slice instead of missing a body part.

7 – GPS Tracker Wrist Watch

This is hand if you do not know where your kids are. It is also handy for if you are lost either in the city streets or in the wilderness. Being able to track the location of a loved one may be just the way to find them. They are ideal for people with Alzheimer’s who frequently lose GPS phones but are found via their GPS tracker wrist watch because it is strapped to them.

8 – A fire axe, fire hammer or Swiss army knife

People don’t know the value of these gadgets until the day a building collapses, a car crashes or there is a building/car fire. Being able to get through or around obstacles is very important. These tools save lives by helping with everything from smashing through a wall to removing a screw from inside a car boot.

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