Living in the modern world means that you are able to pay for all of your bills and expenses online. Some people think this is a bit scary and a bit unnecessary, but others think that this is a new age and one of the best benefits the Internet has brought in a long while. It is possible to order your groceries online, order your new tires, pay your water bills, pay your rent, repay your friends, order a pizza, etc.

You can even buy a personalized birthday card, have it printed and posted on your behalf so that you never even need to lay your hands on it. What is now jaw droopingly fantastic is that you can now do all of this on the move! It is possible to connect to the Internet on your phone and pay for just about anything. Added to which, there are even apps that allow you to pay your bills directly through them! Here are some of those apps.

A word of warning

Putting your personal and financial details into an app is a really dumb idea. There are a lot of questions that go unanswered when it comes to the security of your information. As a point of due diligence, you should research each app thoroughly before you even download, and you should remember that companies change hands. This means an innocent and morally upright company may be taken over next week but the scamming conglomerate of Nigeria. Be careful, and download from Google Play primarily and limit your contact with outside third party suppliers or websites.


Venmo You can pay your bills with this app and you can use SMS payments and a whole host of other cute functions to transfer money and/or pay bills. It is also rather easy to reverse your charges if you need to. It allows you to transfer money to and from your bank in large sums and the transactions are guarded by the same encryptions used with Amazon and Best Buy.

Its biggest selling point is that the user is not charged for a transaction. Only commercial entities are charged a transaction fee. The current version of the app will only allow you to load money from US banks, which besides the fact it is less popular than the others on this list is the only flaw with the app.


Unsurprisingly the PayPal app will allow you to pay your bills. Pretty soon it will be able to deliver your child since they just keep on adding functions. Though it is nice to know there is a company out there for you if you want to boycott banks since all they do is mess up the economy for their bonuses. In mobile payments alone for bills, they are responsible for around $900 million, which is amazing if you consider the fact that they are competing against every bank that has an online function.

They have a mobile checkout that does just about everything you need and allows you to pay just about any type of bill. It does have certain fees associated with paying bills, but that is sometimes a small price to pay for the convenience. It has 100 million users worldwide which means they are not going to start robbing people for information or straight scamming people any time soon.

The only problem with PayPal is that it is so popular that it is attracting more hackers than banks are. You can also use the app to check your usual PayPal functions such as checking your balance or sending money to friends.


Dwolla This is a USA only service which means there is no point in downloading the app if you do not live in the USA. You can use it to pay your bills online and via your mobile phone. It is also good for paying things in different currencies and works on a better exchange rate than most do. You can also log in via your Twitter or Facebook account, although that sort of thing is never too reassuring since Twitter and Facebook accounts are hacked every day in their millions.

To pay your bills you will have to set up a “send money” function which works in the same way that it works if you are going to send money to a friend. You set up the transfer and pay with the assumption that you have some sort of identifier or reference number so that the company you are paying know that it is you. The fee is a flat rate of 25c and you can search out the merchants who accept their payments.

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