androidWith the most recent Android OS release of version 2.0 now available to public, you might be thinking if developing an android app is a right decision for your business or company. While the internet is flooded with posts speaking in volume about the business-centric benefits of android apps development, this post covered the top 5 advantages of android mobile apps that results for the businesses of all across the globe.

Top 5 business-specific advantages of Android application development:

Lower investment to land on the platform

If you are still not aware, Android OS is available for free download. So, there is no expensive license fee involved, nor you need to buy costlier mobile application development tools to build apps for android devices.

In fact, if you have good knowledge of programming, you can develop an android app without spending a single cent. And in case, you have no idea of mobile app development with android operating system, you can easily hire a freelance mobile app developer or resort to a leading mobile app development services provider company in your region.

In the latter case, you just need to pay for the development and deployment cost only. Or there are several tools or software available over the web that help you design an android app of your for absolutely free!

Android OS versions are written using Java language and they feature an extensive set of rich libraries. So, anyone with a sound knowledge of Java can start building android applications and make it live in Google Play store easily and quickly. Java developers are in abundance in the marketplace, and most importantly they are more economical. In addition, the documentation guide of android application development is written nicely.

A land of new business opportunities

Well, there is no doubt that there has never been much better time to build an android app of your own than today. If your competitors have still left trying their hand on its business transforming strategy, grab this chance and leverage the benefits of emerging as a pioneer in your niche marketplace. it will certainly open up new doors of expanding customer base and boost your revenues.

Multiple distribution channels

Unlike other mobile app development platforms, android applications thrive on multiple distribution channels. Apart from the official Google Play Store, you may also pick one of the third party application stores available out there as your app distribution pathway. If you have developed it, you can publish it on own and make it reach to the targeted audience through many different ways.

Enhance brand identity

If your primary purpose of developing a business app is to improve your brand’s market credibility, it is strongly recommended that you hire the best android application development service provider company in your city or country and share your business objectives and anticipations behind the app development project. A good company can certainly build an app that very well reflects your business vision and meet all your purpose including improved brand identity.

Tops the list when the point is about inter-application integration
for those not aware, android platform is considered to be the best platform for inter-application and inter-process architecture mobile app development. No matter if you want to cross-promote your app or integrate it, android OS tops your list of mobile platforms.

Want to know more about business benefits of android app development? Continue browsing the internet!

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