Windows 10 was finally released in 2015 and ever since there have been conflicting remarks regarding its reception; disparagers criticized it severely because they thought of some features as privacy unfriendly – like Cortana. There are others who kept on praising Microsoft for bringing out a browser that gives you a real delight when you use it.

Windows 10 isn’t simply one thing but it is the combination of many features that in turn are the result of the hard work of many hardworking and professional engineers who try their best to provide us best customizable experience possible. We cannot know for sure that whether we have explored all the features that window 10 offers us, and that said, there are many features that people don’t even know about. All you need to do is dig, and you will find plenty of features lying hidden.

Here is a list of 8 hidden tricks inside windows 10

  1. Customizing Your Desktop

Customization, in itself, isn’t a new feature at all; what Microsoft offers you is that you can customize your desktop in a way that it will reflect your personality.

First of all, you can customize the log-in screen; for doing this you have two options. You can either choose from built-in standard backgrounds that Microsoft offers you, or you can upload that of your own. After doing that, you can also choose different apps’ statuses to be visible on your screen.

Changing the color of your start menu is entirely a new thing and it is introduced for the first time in windows 10. All these advanced customizations are a departure from the Microsoft’s traditional style because in the past no such customizations were offered.

  1. Virtual Desktops

Multiple monitors are the trend these days but it certainly requires a lot of space as well as money. If you don’t have that much space and also you can’t afford to purchase more than one monitors, then windows 10 has the best alternative for you, and that is Virtual Desktops.

With the help of Virtual Desktops, you can now create an unlimited amount of desktops which you can use for multiple purposes. For instance, you can use one for your office use, the other for family stuff and the third for your passions and personal use. You won’t find any difficulty in switching between the desktops because it’s only a matter of pressing the button on the keyboard.

In order to create a new desktop all you have to do is press Win + Tab, and it will show you all the open windows. You will see a “+ New Desktop” on the bottom right corner, press it and you will have a new desktop. Now, in order to switch between desktops, you need to press Ctrl + Win + Left/Right button.

  1. Painted Command Prompt

Command PromptBefore windows 10 was finally released, the command prompt was always dull and boring black in color, but in windows 10, you can paint the command prompt with whatever color you like. You can choose from multiple colors like red, green, violet, blue and yellow. Painting command prompt isn’t the only thing; you can also do things like you can change the font – but not its color, unfortunately – and the size of the cursor. You can also enable line wrapping.

The best thing about this new command prompt box is not its shiny paint, but its ability to offer copy/paste features. In the previous command prompt boxes, you could never paste any command, and you had to type all the commands laboriously. If you made any mistake, you had to type the command all over again. Now you can simply copy anything from the web page and paste the command.

  1. Dark Mode

dark modeMany computer users like dark mode and even Apple acknowledged it by creating a dark mode in their operating system. Microsoft also followed, but rather offers you a very difficult way – hunting through the registry – instead of making a click-only option like Apple.

If you want the background colors of your computer to be dark, you need to open the Run menu, and then type Regedit in it. A registry tab will be opened; here after you type some commands, you will have to change value data from 1 to a 0. Switching from 1 to 0 means that you are turning off the light theme; all the colors will be reverted to black. In future, if you want light display and you want to turn your colors from dark to light, you will have to change the value from 0 to 1.

  1. Tighter Integration with Skype

You must be aware that Skype belongs to Microsoft; many people were expecting a tighter integration of the Skype with the Windows operating system, and it actually happened. In the windows 10, Skype has taken the form of a lightweight Skype Video. You can search the same named app in the windows.

One thing which makes the Skype Video lightweight app differ from the Desktop app is that the former is free from bells and whistles. Although both apps perform the functions perfectly well, Skype Video is little smooth to navigate.

Many people question that when both apps perform the same function then why was there any need of a separate app. The question is very difficult to answer because there are no apparent differences. The one obvious thing is that the Skype Video can be used in those computers easily which are old and slow because it takes fewer system resources.

  1. App Snapping

App SnappingApp snapping is a function that you won’t find any need of it until you discover it; and when you finally discover it, you will wonder how you managed to survive without this feature. App snap isn’t new in itself because it was introduced in windows 8, but in windows 10, it is modified and improved. It is improved in windows 10 in a way that now you can snap all the installed apps as well.

All you need to do is drag an open app window to the top corner of your screen and it will fill half of your screen nice and snug. Then open a different app and drag it to the opposite corner and it will fill the other half of the screen. You can also have four different windows at the same time; for that purpose, you will have to drag applications in four different corners and each app will take the 25% of your screen.

This feature has lots of advantages because using this feature you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and you won’t have to switch to different windows again and again.

  1. Storage Analysis

You purchase a new hard drive of 1 or 2 TB and you think it will last for ages, but after few months you realize that only few hundred MBs are remaining. You wonder where all that space went. You also have lots of scattered data that you can’t know for sure that which things are consuming the space much. In windows 10, there is a feature that analyzes your data storage.

When you analyze storage usage, you will come to know in detail that which things are consuming much. A detailed list of categories will appear along with the space they consume like Documents, System Reserved, Audio, and Video etc. If you don’t have enough space on your computer, you can buy external hard drives at Groupon because it offers you discounted prices.

  1. Stop Cortana from using Bing

Whenever you ask Cortana to search something online for you, it uses Bing, and it is one of the biggest reasons for a strike against Cortana by many users. It is possible that Microsoft is promoting its own search engine. There is no way to change search engine of Cortana from Bing to Google or any other. But you can change the feature, that Cortana won’t be able to call Bing as the homepage. You can change it by accessing the “Edit Group policy”.

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