1. Selfie Compatible – Keeping Everyone in the Picture

With ‘Selfie’ being a favored word all around the world in 2013, smart phones are set to keep the phenomena going in the new year.

With higher megapixels and improved dual cameras, your selfie will be pose perfect and ready for Instagram with a quicker quality than ever before. Sony are already offering a 20.3-megapixel camera, and a war is set to ensue as providers face a balancing battle in their mission to create the ultimate phone/camera combination.

Whether you’re posing with The Pope or being acknowledged by an A-Lister, you’ll have all the tools you need to capture the moment and share it with the digital world.

Selfie centered phones will make Face Time and video messaging easier, reducing the blur and improving low light image. Dual cameras will be accompanied by dual flashes ensuring those who are self centered have got it covered.

smartphones2. Fingerprint Scanning – Locking Away Your Secrets
While Apple were the first to introduce the James Bond style mobile security in 2013 with their iPhone5, other mobile providers are now embracing fingerprint scanning and are set to include them in their new 2014 devices.

Samsung are rumored to be using the fingerprint technology in their forthcoming Galaxy S5 model. It could be the end of your surprise pranks – an inability to spy on your password contributing to the fake posts a friend has made on your behalf becoming a thing of the past on your profile.

The fingerprint technology can detect if the print is from someone who’s alive so only a living you can break into your life’s vault of images, tweets and videos. With contactless phone payments becoming ever so prominent, it’s never been more important to keep your phone locked. And who knows, it could even deter crime if criminals know there’s no way of accessing the phone and finances.

3. Living it Large – No Need to Let Up!

With phones rapidly being used as portable multimedia hubs, there are no signs of things getting any smaller as smart phones boast large screens and high resolution displays. Used to watch videos, browse the internet, read books, listen to music, shop and so much more, smart phones are an essential part of the everyday modern life.

Big screens will give you an excuse to watch Breaking Bad again in 2014, whilst shatterproof AMOLED screens will make sure your phone isn’t broke nor your reputation bad!

Buttons are an unnecessary use of space and so touch screen will be utilized even more and infrared sensors will help you swish and swoosh your way through the latest games. Big and bold, they’ll be no downsizing just yet.

4. Bendable Screens – Bendable to Your Means
Samsung’s revolutionary bendable screens will most likely be mass produced and receive an outing in 2014. Their flexible OLED displays allow you to curve your screen and make it almost impossible to break, so they say. With Nokia said to be close to behind in the production stages, a whole host of smart phones could be bending their way to your pocket in 2014.

Samsung have coined 2014’s market with their self-dubbed ‘Youm’ technology and will appeal to gadget aficionados, novelty lovers and those prone to having their phones in their back pocket. Cool, futuristic and a handy tool for procrastination, there’s no need to snap these to make them glow.

5. Bling – Keeping it Fresh, Not Boring
With a lack of variety between the phones young people parade around with, and a limited number of models being their prime choice, making a fashion statement with your phone is more important than ever. The cassette covers will be thrown in the trash and in their place will be some of the flashiest accessories to hit the market yet.

Smart phone providers will seek to differentiate, offering a wider selection of colors and designs for their favorite models, and more accessories will be readily available. The introduction of 3D printing will allow consumers to create their own case designs and smart phones will be more compatible with this change in culture.

Who doesn’t want to be able to have an interchangeable case that’s designed and regularly updated by themselves? 2014 is the year of the consumer having it their way, smart phones will be permitting.

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