Every student wants to excel in school, who does not want anyway? With the help of our technology, there are lots of ways to achieve that goal. Let your studies be fun and exciting with the help of these excellent apps for students.

These 13 of the best iOS applications will surely help you be on top of your class.

  1. istudieziStudiez Pro -Almost all of the students are having trouble delegating their time to different assignments, projects and exams in school. To help you with that problem, download this application now! This app will not only let you meet the deadline of your papers, it will also help you keeps track of your class schedule, assignments, recitation, grades and other things. It will surely help you to be on top of courses all semester long. To use this, all you have to do is plug your class info into the app and it will give you a handy calendar view of all the things that you need to do.
  2. benchprepBenchPrep -Make your life easier with the help of this interactive course library. This application offers students a wide variety of study materials from graduates and professionals. You can choose from hundreds of study lessons, flashcards and practice questions.
  3. EvernoteEvernote -This is one of the best note taking apps for students. Evernote let you syncs all your stuff; from text, audio, photo and video. With great syncing support, you can access your notes to an online account. With this application you are always connected with the resources that you needed to study.
  4. cheggChegg -Buying textbooks every semester is ridiculously expensive. But you can avoid spending money on that. You can find cheap rentals of online versions of your books on Chegg. Bonus thing is that there is no shipping fee!
  5. Dropbox -It is essential for every students to have a central place where they can store all their important documents. Dropbox is an application that can help you store everything; from assignments, documents, lecture notes, syllabus, thesis papers, etc. This app will give you free 2GB storage place when you sign up and let you choose with other paid options for more storage. Avoid forgetting an important document for school, download this app now!
  6. itunesiTunes U -If you are looking for a supplementary tool for learning your lessons, this is a good app for you. iTunes U offers tons of videos and lectures that you might need in grasping a hard lesson in school. Signing up will let you download courses that you are interested in and what is best is that it is a free app!
  7. dictionaryDictionary.com Mobile -Having a hard time understanding the book or lesson that you are reading? This fast and user-friendly mobile application is the best solution for your problem. Dictionary.com Mobile gives you more than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms that you might need.
  8. notabilityNotability -This app is the best if you are a student who needs to take note and record a lot of lectures from your classes. Notability will not only let you take typed notes but handwritten ones as well. Which is perfect for math and science courses. It also has a voice recording option that makes it easier to note your lecture and refer to later.
  9. dragondictionDragon Dictation -There are students who prefers speaking than writing. And it is the most efficient app for them if they are going to write a paper. Dragon dictation let you speak and you can instantly see your words in text with the use of its accurate voice recognition software. If you are in a hurry writing your essay or you need to write a speech, this app will surely best for you!
  10. mintMint -Start saving money when you are still studying. So that you will know how to spend your salary wisely when you are in a professional world already. To help you track and budget your allowance, use this Mint which is available for web and mobile app. This is an excellent finance-management tool that will help you know where your money is disappearing to.
  11. songzaSongza -It is better to do a homework when you have a good background music that is playing. Choose from hundreds of playlists with this free music streaming app. You can get a perfect music according to your mood because Songza’s playlists is sorted by activity, genre, etc.
  12. myfitnesspalMy Fitness Pal -It is not only a healthy mind that we needed in studying. Students also need a strong and healthy body. Use this app where you can track your calorie intake. It will help you know what healthy diet to eat and when to do an exercise.
  13. 7minuteworkout7-Minute Workout -Speaking of exercise, you may need this 7-Minute Workout app to keep your body strong. It is not bad to spare seven minutes for a healthy body, isnt it? Because a student need a healthy body and mind to excel in school.

This is written by Dana Kurt, a full-time college student who loves blogging and traveling. She dreams to visit Paris someday.

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